ISW-NO Bob's Beers

You see a group of ruffians sorting out the supplies they made off with—a large amount of Originium slug beer and drones transporting infused Originium slug extract. Perhaps you can help the brewers get their supplies back. They'll be very happy about it.

Initial Cost - 15

Deploy Limit - 6

Emergency Ops -

  • All enemy units have +10% ATK, +10% DEF and +30% Max HP
  • All <Brawler> are replaced by <Elite Brawler>
  • Additional 4 <Bombtail-G> appears
  • Hidden Enemy Probabilities

    DLD 5% GPN 5%

    * - Full analysis of enemy waves is still under development...

    Enemy Routes

    • combat_ops
    • gpn
    sp enemy enemy count
    combat ops 51
    combat ops 55
    relic icon