ISW-NO Justice

An Ursus tragedy is unfolding yet again here in the castle. The choice you make is no different from that of the countless of men who came before you.
DP recovery rate is decreased, and tiles do not have melee/ranged restrictions

Initial Cost - 25

Deploy Limit - 6

Additional Info -

DP regen rate decreased to 1/3

Emergency Ops -

  • All enemy units except Ursus Civilian have +20% ATK and +20% Max HP
  • All <Ursus Assault Crossbowman> are replaced by <Elite Ursus Assault Crossbowman>
  • All <Ursus Raider> are replaced by <Ursus Raider Leader>
  • Special Terrain

    name description

    A dangerous hole in the ground. Enemies that step on it will fall to their deaths

    Hidden Enemy Probabilities

    DLD 5% GPN 5%

    * - Full analysis of enemy waves is still under development...

    Enemy Routes

    • combat_ops
    • gpn
    sp enemy enemy count
    67 (100%)
    relic icon