ISW-NO Shrouded in Clouds

With how difficult it is to breathe here because of all the smog, you want to get away as soon as possible. The enemies lurking in the dark have a different idea, though.
<Poison Haze> Operators lose HP constantly.

Initial Cost - 10

Deploy Limit - 6

Additional Info -

Poison Haze - Allied units receive 15 True damage / 0.5s

Emergency Ops -

  • All enemy units have +25% ATK, +20% DEF, and +50% Max HP
  • Special Terrain

    name description

    A dangerous hole in the ground. Enemies that step on it will fall to their deaths

    Hidden Enemy Probabilities

    DLD 5% GPN 5%

    * - Full analysis of enemy waves is still under development...

    Enemy Routes

    • combat_ops
    • duck
    sp enemy enemy count
    relic icon