ISW-NO Leviathan's Followers

Some Church of the Deep cultists have heard of a Leviathan that floats on the surface of the ocean like an iceberg, so naturally they worship it as an avatar of ice and snow. But naturally, they have no idea what 'ice and snow' truly are, considering they've never seen it before.
This stage has <Originium Ice Crystals> that periodically apply the Cold status in an area around them.

Initial Cost - 10

Deploy Limit - 6

Emergency Ops -

  • All enemy units have +20% ATK, +20% DEF, and +40% Max HP
  • Both Originium Ice Crystals are activated
  • Special Terrain

    name description

    A dangerous hole in the ground. Enemies that step on it will fall to their deaths

    Hidden Enemy Probabilities

    DLD 5% GPN 5% THF 5%
    smbox 10.5% smrbox 3% smbbox 1.5%

    * - Full analysis of enemy waves is still under development...

    Enemy Routes

    • combat_ops
    • duck
    • gpn
    • thf
    • doq
    • chest
    sp enemy enemy count

    Regional Commission

    For the next 4 battles, all enemies HP +30%, ATK +30%


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