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Deep Sea Woodland

ISW-NO Water and Fire Union

Volcanoes erupt, the ocean trembles, and sleeping creatures stir. Between molten lava and icy waters, life will continue to persist.
This stage has <Corrosive Ground> that halves the DEF of friendly units deployed on it.

Initial Cost - 10

Deploy Limit - 6

Emergency Ops -

  • All enemy units have +10% ATK, +20% DEF, and +30% Max HP
  • All <Pompeii> have +70% Attack range
  • Special Terrain

    name description
    Corrosive Ground

    Allied units on this tile have -50% DEF

    Hidden Enemy Probabilities

    DLD 5% GPN 5% THF 5%
    smbox 10.5% smrbox 3% smbbox 1.5%

    * - Full analysis of enemy waves is still under development...

    Enemy Routes

    • combat_ops
    • emergency_ops
    • duck
    • gpn
    • chest
    sp enemy enemy count

    Regional Commission

    For the next 4 battles, all enemies HP +30%, ATK +30%


    combat ops
    combat ops
    relic icon